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Story behind the octoberauction


This auction we have two beautifully restored Puch Steyr Daimler classics in very good condition! These are the models MV 50 - 48.8 CC and the MS 50 D

The company, initially known as Josef und Franz Werndl and Company, was founded in 1864 as a rifle manufacturer. It grew rapidly during World War I, employing 14,000 people by its end. The company started producing bicycles in 1894.

The first Steyr car, the six-cylinder Type II "12/40", appeared in 1920. The company changed its name to Steyr-Werke AG in 1926. In 1934 Steyr merged with Austro -Daimler- Puch to become Steyr -Daimler- Puch forms. The range produced during these years consisted mainly of very modern designs, sporting part or full bodies in streamlined livery, from the one-litre Steyr 50 to the 2.3-litre Steyr 220 "six".

The company's Puch division produced a range of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters marketed in the United States through Sears Roebuck, including the Puch 250 SGS, which was delivered to customers' homes in a cardboard box. After the war, Steyr -Daimler- Puch resumed production of bicycles and mopeds and gradually set up distributors in different countries to manage their sales. Steyr made bicycles for sale to other retailers, most notably Sears. In the mid-1970s, " Steyr -Daimler- Puch America" was founded in Connecticut to manage the importation and distribution of bicycles and mopeds. Puch Austro -Daimler bicycles continued in production at Graz in Austria until the company's motorcycle and bicycle manufacturing parts there were sold to Piaggio & CSpA in Italy in mid-1987.

In 1954, the first Puch moped came out of the factories under the name MS50, also called baby Puch by the Dutch . The moped was not popular at all in the beginning because it differed so much from the mopeds that were on the market at the time, such as NSU, Kreidler , Berini. However, the Dutch importer persisted and the youth in the Netherlands started to buy such a Puch en masse . The first MS50 (was called the baby Puch in the Netherlands ) because the frame, front fork and tank were smaller than the Puchs that were subsequently produced. The very first MS50s did not yet have an intake noise filter and had a small luggage carrier called a trivet. Production of the VS50 started in 1957 and became very popular. The first models had plating in the front and rear fender, where the front fender was equipped with an aluminum decorative nose. Later, the already larger headlight like that of the MS50 was replaced with the well-known frog mouth. The chain guard was completely closed. After the VS50, the MV50 would be produced, equipped with a foot gear. This model was produced until 1984, after which only Puch Maxi mopeds were available.


starting times th. 12 OcTOBER

Category Lots Start
Zilver & Verzilverd 319 10:00 Uur
Sieraden 410 13:30 Uur
Schilderijen 395 18:00 Uur

starting times fR. 13 OcTOBER

Category Lots Start
Diversen 306 10:00 Uur
Militaria 29 13:30 Uur
Poppen & Speelgoed 32 13:45 Uur
Klokken 102 14:05 Uur
Meubels 251 15:00 Uur
Tapijten 20 17:15 Uur
Brons & Beeldhouwkunst 113 18:00 Uur
Glas & Kristal 41 19:00 Uur
Porselein & Aardewerk 261 19:30 Uur

starting times sA 14 OcTOBER

Category Lots Start
Aziatica 828 09:00 Uur


viewing days:

07 OcTOBER: 10:00 - 17:00

08 OcTOBER: 11:00 - 17:00

09 OcTOBER: 10:00 - 18:00

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